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Traceability - RFID & CPMS


AUECC identifies each container of product with radio frequency identification tags (RFID) for tracking and data collection management. Data for each container is recorded at each step of the production process and continues into inventory storage, shipment, arrival at customer warehouse and return of recyclable empty container. All the associated data is collected for immediate recall and event investigation or reporting. Soon to be added, in 2017, is a customer portal for direct access to its’ product history as well as consignment stock and order processing.




Customer Portal Function(Coming in 2017)



The CPMS combine with RFID be able to effectively enhance whole the operation process also reduce and improve the flow of inventory , in addition to:


Why choose Us?
1. All workflow is transparent.
Why choose Us?
2. All operation process can be operations and monitoring at the CPMS.
Why choose Us?
3.Provide inventory transaction status.
Why choose Us?
4.Real-time inquiries production and shipping statuson CPMS.
Why choose Us?
5. Reduce the errors caused by operator identification and customer complaints rate.