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Company Benefits

Asian Union Electronic Chemical Corporation (AUECC) is an international manufacturer of high technology electronic chemicals. Since the company was established in 1998, we have continuously grown and maintained our profitability year after year. Our company’s headquarters is located in Taipei, Taiwan and our three manufacturing plants are positioned in KaohSiung-Taiwan, Shanghai-China and Reno-USA. We also have offices in Singapore, Fukuoka-Japan and Manila-Philippines. We pride ourselves for our pioneering product line and we are always looking for new talent to bring innovative ideas to our company. Join AUECC and explore our array of Career Opportunities all around the globe, whilst utilizing your talents and living out your passions.


Safety at AUECC

Our employees’ safety is of most importance to our company. We have an impeccable safety record and routinely inspect/control working areas to guarantee our employees a safe working environment. AUECC puts great emphasis on safety to ensure that our current and future employees have a pleasurable working experience..

Continuous Learning in AUECC

AUECC provides a complete OJT (On the Job Training) and Off-JT (Off-the-job Training) and SD (Self Development) program. In addition to the Management capacity training and obtaining professional certifications, we provide a 100% training subsidy to continue growth on the job.

Benefits Plan

We truly value our workers’ satisfaction when working at AUECC. We want to make their experience and future here as enjoyable as possible. We provide our employees with a benefit plan that includes the following benefits:

  1. Insurance
  2. Health examination
  3. Travel allowance
  4. Special leave
  5. Birthday gifts
  6. Children education allowance
  7. Bonuses are given for the 3 major festivals in Taiwan
  8. Company Tour